A Million Voices

The word of the Lord interrupted the agenda. We were in a leaders’ meeting in Virginia, in 2014, when Teri Buck told her story. She had been praying daily at Meditation Rock, the very place where Mary Washington would go to pray for her son George every day during the Revolutionary War. Suddenly, it was like a bomb went off in the room. For the next two hours, the place erupted in prayer and prophecy…

“As it was in the Revolutionary War, when a mother’s prayers for her son helped save  the nation, so too will a million women gather to the National Mall in D.C., in the hour of our greatest crisis. It will be a ‘Last Stand’ for America! They’ll come to Washington in the spirit of Jeremiah 9, ‘Call the wailing women to weep and travail for their sons and daughters, their sisters and their brothers, for death has climbed through our windows.’ When they come, they will save the nation.” 

Heaven had spoken. Those of us who were there will never forget that defining moment. I have been arrested by that vision, since 2014, waiting for the fullness of time.

Then, in 2017, when President Trump had been elected,  witches around the globe rose up to curse him on a set day. You have to wonder about a man and his purpose when witches worldwide rally to curse him. Whatever your thoughts are concerning him, he gave us three judges that overturned Roe v. Wade. What does that mean to the spirit realm? 

My spirit was so agitated by this worldwide spiritual assault, that I felt compelled to go to Estes Park in Colorado to seek the Lord. I set my face to fast and pray, and to see if God  would give understanding as to how, or if, I should respond. On the third night, I received an unforgettable dream:

I was in an open field and as far as the eye could see women were coming from everywhere.  Many were young girls, teens, all coming to be taught from the book of Esther. I was so moved. It felt like I was seeing a revival. My prayer partner and I were the only men there. He gave me an old Bible, which I now understand to represent the ancient calling to be a Mordecai (along with many others) to announce and call forth this Esther Movement. In the dream, a woman, maybe in her late 30’s, stood up to teach the book of Esther. She spoke emphatically, “These two words in the book of Esther actually mean Nazgul!”

I exploded out of the dream, instantly knowing what it meant. There’s a scene in the third movie of The Lord of the Rings trilogy where the Nazgul Witch-king is destroying the armies of men. When the armor-clad princess confronts the Nazgul with her sword, the Witch-king threatens, “No man can kill me!” Just then, she rips off her helmet, lets down her hair, and pierces the Nazgul through, declaring, “I AM NO MAN!” 

Immediately, I understood that there’s coming a mass women’s movement of Esthers who will carry a mighty spirit of revival and wield spiritual authority to break and restrain the demonic powers of witchcraft in the nation. Obviously this does not preclude men, but the Spirit was emphasizing the place of women in a strategic role – Esthers and Mordecais. 

With these two prophetic encounters spurring us onward, we collaborated with Awaken the Dawn to hold an initial seed gathering on the National Mall in the Fall of 2017. We called it “Rise Up” and about 22,000 women came and poured out their hearts to God, even in a downpour of rain. Maybe heaven was weeping. 

I will never forget the tears and travail. Those women put a stake in the ground, watering it with their consecration, “If I die, I die”. As it was in Esther’s day, so it is today: it’s only on death-ground that we apprehend God’s power to break the back of Haman’s sorcery and  schemery of antichrist, anti-parent, and anti-child ideologies. We believed that the 2017 Rise Up gathering was a firstfruits of the million to come. 

Meanwhile, deep darkness has increasingly covered the nation. The chilling prophecy of a “Last Stand for America” has come more fully into view, along with the words of Isaiah: “See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you.” Isaiah 60:2

Unbeknownst to me, in 2017, while I was continually pondering this heavenly vision of a million Esthers with many of my spiritual daughters, another woman from the Northwest was providentially being encountered by the Lord. Jenny Donnelly, a business woman and co-pastor with her husband, was being led by God to start hosting women’s gatherings. Out of the blue, the Lord said to her, “Call and gather a million praying women. They will rally together to turn a nation back to God.” 

Soon after, Jenny was told of my vision. Then, in 2022, with 1500 fiery women gathered in a great tent in Portland, God sovereignly connected us, along with a powerful, prophetic Nigerian woman named Folake Kellogg. We began to join our faith together over God’s divine strategy. 

Months later, I found myself on a plane engrossed in the pages of Mark Batterson’s book, Chase the Lion. He writes of Genesis moments, when God breaks in with a vision and gives a glimpse of things to come. But then he tells of those decisive moments that dictate the course of decades. “A single ‘yes’, a single ‘no’, a ‘too early’, a ‘too late’, makes that hour irrevocable for a hundred generations and determines the life of an individual, a people, and even the destiny of all mankind.”

When I read those words, I began weeping in the plane. I knew the Lord was speaking to me that it was time to push “GO”. This was my decisive moment to risk everything and call the Esthers to the Mall! 

It’s no mistake that the backdrop to this Esther/Mordecai movement involves, as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn describes in his book Return of the Gods, Satan’s counterparts, Ishtar and Marduk, who have also come to the forefront of history. These demonic spirits, known as ancient gods, were driven out by America’s revivals and the preaching of the gospel. However, in the 60’s, when our nation began to remove God from the public square, these evil powers, finding the house of America swept clean and empty, returned and repossessed the generation with spirits seven times worse than before. 

Cahn’s insights on Ishtar and the LGBT/ transgenderism movement explain the spiritual dimensions behind our cultural descent into darkness. Notably, the book does not end on a victorious note. There was to be no epilogue. But on the very day Cahn finished his manuscript, Roe v. Wade was overturned. He went on to write the Epilogue of Hope.

I believe a new chapter of God’s scroll for America is unfolding. We have attained a significant victory in tearing down the national altar of bloodshed in Roe v. Wade. For eighteen years, a company of intercessors stood in front of the Supreme Court five days a week, pleading the blood of Jesus and taking Communion. With all the saints who have stood over the past fifty years against this altar of Baal, it appears that the Blood applied may have turned the tide. The ending of Roe may be a harbinger of hope for America. 

Now, could A Million Voices in D.C., in fasting and Communion, applying the Blood to the doorposts of our families, our cities, and to the very doorposts of our national guilt, grant us a reprieve from heaven? Could this open a door for revival and reformation?

I believe God has been preparing His women to become heirs of history as they are summoned now to play a great role. It seems fitting that God would call for mothers in the spirit, to not only challenge the witchcraft that is empowering the destructive ideologies aimed against our faith, our families, and our children, but to birth through prayer a day of salvation for America.

On October 12, 2024, we are summoning a million Esthers and Mordecais to gather on the National Mall in a massive Solemn Assembly of fasting and prayer on the Day of Atonement. On that day, the most sacred day of Israel’s holy convocations when the future of the nation was determined, the High Priest would go into the Holy of Holies with blood to atone for the sins of the whole nation. Jesus Christ is now our eternal High Priest. In repentance, humility, and faith, let us draw near to the Throne of Grace and make our appeal to heaven. Who knows, but for such a time as this we have come to the Kingdom!

Can a nation be saved in a day? Yes! On the Day of Atonement!

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