Fast for Female

Calling for A Million Esthers and Mordecais 

07/29/2024 - 07/31/2024

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On June 29th, 100 women gathered in New York City as Esther’s to pray, prophecy and establish the altar of the Lord at the gateway city of America and tear down the altar of Ishtar.

During the gathering, an invitation was extended from Lou to mobilize a fast. We believe that as we fast, pray and mobilize, we can reverse the curse of the feminist agenda on our nation and we want to invite you to use the influence God has give you and join us in prayer and fasting July 29-31st.

During these 3 days, we are asking you to commit to link arms with 3 or more women to pray together daily and fast as we personally sow in and believe for 3 million dollars to support the October 12th gathering in Washington DC, and rally for 3 million registrations for the national Mall on the day of atonement as a last stand for America.

During these three days, we encourage you to share stories of the truth and your testimony and tag @amillionwomen_

At a Glance:

Invite 3 Friends to Fast with you and have them sign up here!

Praying For:
• The root of demonically inspired secular feminism would be broken and a righteous women’s movement will arise in America! 

 Believe for 30,000 women across the nation to fast with us

• 3 Million People to be registered for the A Million Women gathering

• 3 Million Dollars in fundraising